“For My Son” & “My Gift”

Tin House, forthcoming.

“My Brother” & “Amerigo Vepucci Landing”

Los Angeles Review of Books, forthcoming.

“In The Age of Los Zetas”

Indiana Review, forthcoming.

“There’s No Such Thing As Confession in Latinx Poetry” 

Gulf Coast, forthcoming.

“I Wait For a Bus” & “At A Party I Tell A Story & Ask:” 

West Branch, forthcoming.

“A Crown of Gold Snakes on My Head” 

The Bennington Review, forthcoming.

“I Am Á la Mode” & “She is Á la Mode” 

Western Humanities Review, forthcoming.

“Women’s Work”

The Boston Review, February 2017.

“He Has An Oral Fixation” & “One Body” 

POETRY, February 2017.

“One Body” 

Poetry Daily, February 16th, 2017.


“You Are A Dark Body” 

—The Academy of American Poets’ Poem-A-Day, October 2016.

“You Say Tomato, Yo Tomatl” 

The Shallow Ends, October 2016.

“Lima Limón” and “Dear Drone” 

Tinderbox, July 2016.


NACLA: Report on the Americas, July 2016. 


“There Is a Bird in My Mouth” 

—The Academy of American Poets’ Poem-A-Day, 9 December 2015. 

“I am with Child” and “On Ash Wednesday”

HEArt Human Equity Through Art, October 2015. 


The Awl, October 2015. 

“Endnotes on Cd. Juárez”

Best American Poetry 2015 (originally published in West Branch), September 2015.

 “Angel and I Are Both Great Pretenders” and “Like Victorian Women”

—The Massachusetts Review, Fall 2015.


“Because They Lack Country,” “Mouth In My Kitchen,” and “Placement”

—American Poets, Introducing Series featured by Dana Levin, Winter/Fall 2014.


“Crossing” and “Broken Initials”

—Prairie Schooner (Winner of a Glenna Luschei Prize). Fall 2013 . 

 “Notes on Cd. Juárez As A Play” and “Endnotes on Cd. Juárez”

—West Branch. Fall 2013. 

 “Angels Fall From The Sky To El Paso, Texas” and “Your Mouth is Full”

—Crab Orchard Review. Spring 2013. 

 “The City is A Body Broken”

—Four Way Review. 2013. 


 “Bibbed In Paisley He Reads Zizek Instead”

—The Believer. Fall 2012. 

“This Bitter Salt”

The Cortland Review. Fall 2012.

“Dear Angel,” and “La Mariscal”

—PALABRA. Spring 2012.

 “I Light The House on Fire and Lie Down” and “A Torero’s Daughter Is Killed”

—Cream City Review. Spring 2012. 

“Escaping The Verging Cities,” “The Archeologist Came To Hunt Trilobites,” “The Corner Store Clerk Says Her Name Was Ofelia,” “The Verging Cities Watch Me,” and “The Poem Shows Up”

As/Us. Spring 2012. 

 “After I Read Your Obituary”

—Cura. Fall 2012. 



—Bellevue Literary Review. Fall 2011. 

“Guerrero Pears”

The Acentos Review. Fall 2011. 

“How Borders Are Built”

—The Minnesota Review. Spring 2011. 


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